Primary Collection Services

  • Consumer Collections
  • Pre-Collection Services
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Medical Collections
  • Dental Collections

Specialized Collection Services

  • Self-Storage Collections
  • Veterinary Collections
  • Residential & Apartment Collections
  • Credit Card
  • Over-Draft Closed Bank Accounts
  • Charged off Accounts

Additional Services and Support

As a full-service debt collection agency, A-Z Alliance has a wealth of resources at our disposal. Our clients enjoy a catalog of additional services, including the following:

  • Comprehensive Skip Tracing

    We efficiently locate your debtors and their assets with extensive investigative search and background screening products

  • Full-Service Litigation

    When legal action is needed we help with the assistance of qualified

  • Credit Bureau Reporting

    Reporting to all three credit bureaus (helps motivate debtors to meet their financial obligations)

  • Account Receivable Consulting

    Increase cash flow while reducing bad debt write-offs

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