Our agency is poised to be able to assist you in all of your collection needs. We offer flexible and affordable plans for businesses of all sizes.

With A-Z Alliance, your company can benefit from third-party collections and recovery without hidden cost associated with other services. Your company can choose from our two-stage program plan: No-Hidden Cost Plan or our Contingency Collection Plan.

Stage One: No-Hidden Cost Plan

For accounts that are less than 120 days past due, you pay upfront with absolutely no hidden fees. With low fixed-fee pricing per account, regardless of the balance, 100% of recovered money is sent to your company. There are no postage fees, service fees, or balance minimums. Our robust Stage One debt collection service has everything you need to reduce overhead and increase cash flow.

0-30 Days FREE all accounts
31-60days $24.95 per account
61-90 Days $19.95 per account
90-120 Days $14.95 per account
120+ Days Please
(561) 592-7600

Diplomatic Approach, Debt Validation, Letters (1st & 3rd Party Collection Letters), Postage & Return Envelope, Dispute Resolution, Thank You Letter.

Stage Two: Contingency Premier Plan

For accounts more than 120 days past due, we highly recommend stage two for more deliberate debtors. The collection agency fees are based on money contingency-based only. Which means you only pay a predetermined percentage of money recovered.

Stage Two uses a combination of calls and negotiation strategies from our experienced collectors with a wealth of resources at their disposal. With appropriate and approved methods by the FDCPA, we issue written demands, and if necessary seek legal action to collect on your past due accounts. We can efficiently locate even the most elusive your debtors by using our comprehensive skip tracing software. Contingency fees range from 7.5% to 50% depending on the age of the claim and the balance. Your company decides when to start, stop, suspend collections, approve partial payments, and reduce balances owed.

If we don’t collect, you don’t pay a penny!

Free Bankruptcy, Deceased Screening. TLOxp Database Scrubbing. Qualified TSI Litigation. Asset Investigation. Account Negotiation.

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