A-Z Alliance

A-Z Alliance LLC Payment Portal Disclosure

Important Information for Making Payments

Welcome to the A-Z Alliance LLC online payment portal. Before proceeding with your payment, please take a moment to review the following important information:

1. Debt Verification:

  • Please ensure that the debt you are making a payment for is accurate and valid. If you have any questions or concerns about the debt, please contact our office at PO BOX 292312 Davie, FL 33329 before making a payment.

2. Payment Options:

  • We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. You can make a one-time payment, set up a payment plan, or discuss payment arrangements with our office. Please select the appropriate payment option that suits your needs.

Prefer to Mail Your Payment?

We also accept payments (money orders, personal checks, and certified checks) by mail. Please do not mail cash. Please remember to include your account number or your Reference Number with your payment.

PO BOX 292312
Davie, FL 33329

3. Credit Reporting:

  • Please note that making a payment may not automatically remove negative credit reporting. If you have specific credit reporting concerns, please contact our office to discuss possible arrangements.

4. Third-Party Fees:

  • If you are using a third-party payment service provider, please be aware that they may charge additional fees for processing your payment. A-Z Alliance LLC is not responsible for any fees charged by third-party service providers.

5. Payment Confirmation:

  • After making a payment, you will receive a confirmation email or notification with details of your payment. Please keep this confirmation for your records.

6. Secure Payment:

  • Our payment portal is designed to provide a secure and encrypted environment for your financial transactions. Your personal and payment information is protected.

7. Contact Information:

By proceeding with your payment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above information. If you do not agree with any of the terms or have questions, please do not proceed with your payment.

Thank you for choosing A-Z Alliance LLC for your payment needs.